1) Where can I listen to The Efed Podcast?

Search “The Efed Podcast” to find on Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, Android Podcasts, Youtube, or efedpodcast.com

2) When does the next episode come out?

New episodes drop every Monday afternoon! Aiming for roughly 4pm, but I’m an anxious boi and tend to release them a few hours early!

3) Can I be on the podcast as a guest for the interview?

Sure you can! We’re interested in having handlers, fedheads, staffers, whatever from any type of fed. That said there is currently a wait list. I’m booked through April of 2020. DM me on twitter to be added!

4) How many people are involved in “The Efed Podcast”?

Mikey Unlikely is the shows host and producer. @KaeGiacona, has been a HUGE help in getting The Efed Podcast off the ground. Helping with server space, web design, and graphics. Check out @SavageSouls Music to support.

5)What’s your setup for the podcast?

I use “free mp3 skype recorder” to record interviews, but when editing I use #Audacity to split audio, and then I import everything into pro edition of @Mixcraft to mix everything together, and export to mp3 for release.